the vision

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I’m Ben…

I DJ/Host/EMCEE weddings. That’s what I specialize in. More specifically though, my specialization is in providing an experience. Far beyond that of a person you’ve hired to play other people’s music. You could have your friend Carl do that. And he should, but not at your wedding. What you’re most likely looking for is the most memorable night of your life. Celebrating you and your marriage to someone you’re wild about, both of your families coming together with your most trusted and sacred friends to celebrate all together as a community for the very first time. It doesn’t get anymore special than that.

That’s really what I specialize in, making sure you have the most memorable experience possible. The way I approach weddings is by working with you to find out about who you and your partner are, and what you envision when you think of your wedding. What do you see? What can you imagine? How does it feel? Together, we create a musical range that is inspired by your tastes and infused with my professional input. The music will match the tone and atmosphere you want to create for your friends and family and for most importantly, you two… and that’s just the music.

My intention is to Host the Oscars in 2030. My professionalism is informed by that intention resulting in a master of ceremonies who is sophisticated yet approachable, a polished entertainer who is comfortably charming , and a tremendous amount of fun. Never taking any extra time on the microphone than necessary, I’m there too in this capacity to help create the most memorable experience possible.

Dancing. The best part for last. I like to have fun and dance as I work. I have found that the more I express myself dancing, the more others do as well. This goes back to the energy thing. It’s contagious and I’m happy to share mine with you and your community. Believe me when I say, there’s nothing else like it.